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About the Videos Pack

Please scroll below for: // HOW TO CREATE SLIDESHOWS // WHY USE IT? // WHAT'S INCLUDED? # HOW TO CREATE VIDEO SLIDESHOWS Once you’ve purchased the Videos Upgrade Pack, you will be able to create unlimited video slideshows with up to 500 photos. Here’s where you go to generate videos: # WHY USE IT? Video slideshows generated from your Collect photos are a fun, elegant way to share your photo memories with friends & family. You can use your own music tracks, display the photos with the dates & titles, use up to 500 photos, and share easily to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and others. # WHAT'S INCLUDED? Here's a short summary of the main features when generating video slideshows from your Collect photos.

  1. Choose Video Format. Use Square for optimum sharing on Instagram. Use Landscape to produce 1080p, 16:9 videos for YouTube and TV (including the titles with each photo).
  2. Select Date Range. Select any start and end date for your videos.
  3. Adjust Speed. Adjust the speed of each video from between 0.1sec and 4sec per photo. Or automatically choose a 15sec video length for Instagram.
  4. Add Audio. Pick any song from your iTunes Library to use in your videos (assuming the appropriate rights are available). Songs will repeat if the video length is larger than the song length.
  5. Create a Title [for square format only]. Include a custom title on the first photo in your slideshow.
  6. Use Tags. Select tags to further control what photos appear in your videos. Photos with any selected tag will be included.
  7. Remember Settings. Turn this on so that app will remember your last-used settings for format, speed, audio, and title (great for making consistent videos every month).
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