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About the Creative Pack

Please scroll below for: // WHY UPGRADE? // WHAT’S INCLUDED? # WHY UPGRADE? Several features are unlocked with the one-time Creative Pack upgrade. Whether you want to modify the design of the photo cards or export them easily in formats ready for printing then this upgrade is for you. # WHAT’S INCLUDED? As mentioned above, the Creative Pack combines a number of powerful features that allow you to get more out of your Collect photos. Those features are listed here along with where to find them within the app. A. Create Multiple Albums. You can setup different albums to help organise your photos (perhaps by theme, subject etc). To create a new album - simply tap the blue album name in the top-left of the Home screen and then tap the 'New Album' option. B. Bulk Exporting to Dropbox & Flickr The Export Photos area provides the ability to do bulk exporting of your photos to your Photo Library on your device but also to Dropbox and Flickr. You get different options for the style of export (e.g. 3x4 cards, original photos etc) and can export up to 50 photos in a batch. To export to Dropbox and Flickr - simply tap the Share icon in the top of the Home screen, select the ‘Export Photos’ option and configure your export settings. C. Print-Ready Export Sizes The bulk export feature also allows you to export your photos in various sizes ready for printing. If you want to create 3x4 or 4x6 prints of your photo cards then simply export and they’ll be sized correctly with plain white backgrounds. There is also a landscape 6x4 option where the date and title/caption is shown on the right of the photo. (see video above) Note: Collect does not provide a print service at the current time. You can simply export your photos (to your Photo Library or Dropbox) and then either print on your home printer or use an online service to get photo prints made. D. High-Resolution Monthly Collages If you want to print your monthly collages or remove the ‘Made with Collect’ watermark then you can choose one of the 3 extra collage options. All are in high-resolution (2448px) that are suitable for printing up to about 8 inches. To produce high-resolution collages - simply tap the Share icon in the top of the Home screen, select the ‘Create Collage’ option and then select one of the high res designs. E. Manual Backup Process If you want to have a manual process for backing up your Collect photos (not using the automated backup via iCloud) then you can create backup files of each month and move them to your computer. These are meant for archiving/backup purposes only and can be restored later on any device if required. Find the Manual Backup feature in the Settings area and tap ‘Backup & Sync’. --- Still want to know more? Use the Contact button in the top-right to ask us directly. ---

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