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What happens when I change phones?

If you get a new iPhone, your photos may not automatically appear again in Collect unless you use the iCloud Sync feature (available with the Keep Safe Upgrade Pack). This ensures all of your photos are stored safely in your iCloud account and can be downloaded onto your new phone when you set it up. So, first you need to ensure that you've enabled the iCloud Sync feature on your old phone and that all of your photos are successfully uploaded into iCloud (the display will tell you the uploading progress). Then, when you get your new phone you just need to enable the syncing and everything will download again ready to continue as normal. You might need to use 'Restore Purchases' in the Settings area to unlock the feature without paying again. Find further details about the Keep Safe Pack and how it works can be found in the FAQ titled 'About the Keep Safe Pack'. --- Still stuck? Use the Contact button in the top-right to ask us directly. ---

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