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About the Keep Safe Pack

Please read below for: // HOW TO ENABLE iCLOUD SYNC // WHY UPGRADE? // HOW DOES IT WORK? # HOW TO ENABLE ICLOUD SYNC Once you’ve purchased the Keep Safe Upgrade Pack, you need to enable iCloud Sync in the Settings area. Here’s a 5 sec video: Note: iCloud Sync is only available from v3.2 of Collect which requires iOS 8.2 or higher. # WHY UPGRADE? The iCloud Sync feature provides automated backup of all your photos & data in the app as well as syncing between your devices. If you value the photos and memories that you’ve added to Collect then you should purchase the upgrade and enable iCloud Sync. As a reminder, the Collect app requires no login or account to use and we do not store any of your photos or personal information. We work hard to create and support a great app that also protects your privacy. # HOW DOES IT WORK? The iCloud Sync works automatically to upload all of your photos and data (titles, tags etc) to your connected iCloud account. If you have more than one device setup then all of your photos in Collect will be synced across these devices. Similarly, any change you make in the app will automatically sync across other devices. Some useful information about the syncing behaviour:

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